Fleshlight Quickshot Review

quickshotI have been a loyal customer of Fleshlight for 9 years (not something I shout in the street), and the original Fleshlight I had was huge, clunky and simple. Fast forward to 2016 and I’m holding the Fleshlight Quickshot, a small handheld device which vaguely resembles a futuristic grenade.

The Quickshot comes packaged like it belongs on the shelf at a sports shop, and it’s very subtle, I think at a glance you could barely tell that it’s a product to stick your dick in. It comes in two style, the Boost or the Vantage. The shape is the same for both but one is opaque black, the other clear. I opted for the vantage (clear), it looks very clean and minimal and there’s something oddly satisfying about seeing your dick clearly through the plastic.

My other Fleshlight, the Flight, is large enough to completely insert myself, the Quickshot, however, is only 3.5 inches in length (without the lids on) and as you thrust downwards, your member will protrude from the end. This is very useful for getting head, as well as some manual play on the tip, making the Quickshot very versatile. There isn’t any real difference in the dual-end design, but the symmetry is a nice touch.

In terms of feel, the material is the patented Superskin material, which is as much as I know about what the material is other than it being phthalate free. But how does it measure up? I’ll be honest, the name Quickshot is a little ironic, as I have never lasted as long with any other blowjob toy. Possibly due to the dual-orifice I found I had significantly less stimulation than a standard Fleshlight.
Make sure as always that you use water based lube with this, if you use the Fleshlube that Fleshlight release then that’s even better, as it will enhance the feeling. In terms of cleaning, it’s as simple as wiping it through with a cleaning wipe, the inner material is removable so you can fully clean the outer and inner separately if you so choose.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if I want to chill out and self-actualise for 30 minutes plus then this is the toy I’d choose. It still feels good, it’s just not very intense. I wore a cockring a few times whilst using this and even after coming I could still stroke at regular speed despite the enhanced sensitivity without any real overwhelming feeling. In fact, I simply continued for 15 minutes afterwards using the Quickshot, which was an unexpected yet enjoyable use, so kudos to you, Fleshlight.

The real selling point of the Quickshot is not the intensity (for there is none) but in the compact size. This is a very discreet stroker, and performs its job admirably. I would happily travel with this device (and subsequently get arrested at customs) as it is small enough to fit in most bags without taking up too much space.

Whilst it is not my favourite toy in terms of orgasm, I do like how easy it is to use, so I will be using it in future when I’m too lazy to use a bigger toy as it is very simple to clean (and possible to come without causing a mess) so it’s quite effective as a late night impromptu wanking device.
Overall I like the Quickshot, it’s compact, easy to store and gets the job done (albeit with less feeling than other Fleshlights). More importantly it costs ~40$, which is an absolute bargain considering the build quality. The dual casing lids slide on and off smoothly and I feel it is a very well built product, and so I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper orgasm.
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