Smooth Move Lubricant

I thought about it for a matter of seconds before agreeing, I have always been impressed with uberkinky and both their service and their quality.

As with everything that I have had from Uberkinky the UberKinky Smooth Move Hybrid Lubricant was delivered very quickly in some super discreet packaging, meaning that no nosey postmen, prying teenage children or housemates would be able to tell what is inside that parcel.

Inside the package the lubricant was wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from any bumps when it was on the way.
The hybrid lube is in a black bottle with the uberkinky branding on the side of it. I particularly love the big uberkinky smile. The top of the bottle unscrews and it has a cap inside to ensure that the lube doesn’t pour out too quickly.

Type of Lube
although it states on the side of the bottle that this is a water based lubricant Uberkinky have confirmed to me that this is actually a hybrid lubricant (a mixture of both silicone lube and water based lube) and therefore is should not be used with silicone products, as there is a possibility that it could react with them and cause them to become misshapen or damaged.

What’s it Like?
The Smooth Move Lubricant is clear and a really good consistency, it isn’t sticky, is fairly long-lasting and has no smell, it isn’t a flavored lube and I wouldn’t advise that you to taste it as it is a hybrid lube so it will have some silicone in it which is not supposed to be eaten.

I have some sensitivity to lubricants and often find that a new lubricant will make me sore but this one isn’t one of the ones that does that, this felt nice to use and the design of the bottle ensures that you only use the right amount.

I like this lube a lot, so much in fact that it’s now sat on the bedside table for easy access replacing the liquid silk lubricant which has been my favorite for a long while. I like the way it feels and how easy it is to use during sex the bottle isn’t too big, it doesn’t pour to fast and it doesn’t leave you in a sticky mess!