Sliquid Swirl Lube

Sliquid Swirl is a flavored Lube suitable for all kinds of sex, it is available from Lovehoney in a variety of flavors this review is just for the Pina Colada flavored version.

I have tried a number of flavored lubes before and this is by far the best pina colada one, the flavoring is not to sweet or to strong, it is subtle enough to be flavored without feeling like it is hiding the taste of your partner, it tastes nice and pineapple/coconutty without it been too much.

Smell find that some flavored lubes can have a very overpowering smell, so much so that you feel like you can taste them before you have even tasted them, this is not the case with this lube, it has a nice sweet smell, more pineapple than coconut.

I like the little bottle that this comes in, preferring this to the bottles with the push top, it’s easy to reseal and no worries of it leaking because you haven’t locked the top. The labeling is very clear and easy to read showing clearly that it is Vegan friendly.

As water based lubes go it is pretty much the same as the others that I have tried, not as thick as a gel but a nice consistency for regular use. When used for oral sex we found that this was just the right consistency for us, not so thick that it is off putting but thick enough for you to be able to taste it.

Lasting Power
As with all water based lubes the lasting power of this lube is not going to be the same as a silicon lube but it still lasted a good while during oral sex and the flavoring lasted long enough for us to both enjoy it. During regular sex we found it to be pretty much on par with other big brands of water based lubes.

I was very surprised by this lube, I have always found flavored lubes to be a bit of a gimmick really, normally smelling sickly, feeling sticky, not lasting to long and tasting sweeter than sweet. This doesn’t do any of these things, it is a nice thickness, has a lovely smell and taste and is slick and smooth not sticky at all.

It doesn’t irritate the skin at all and is safe to be used for Oral, Anal and Vaginal sex, however with it been flavored it is especially good for oral.

Another plus is that it is water based and this means that it safe to use with Condoms.