Sensuous Sweet Touch Kissable Massage Oil Strawberryd

Once we had agreed on which items I am going to review they were delivered to me very quickly in a discreet brown box, with the contents of the box protected from any damage.

The Sensuous Sweet Touch Kissable Massage Oil was the item that I was looking forward to trying most, mainly because I have tried lots of things that buzz and shake over the years but not to many massage products.

The bottle of the massage oil comes with a paper-cap to stop any leakage in transit, this was easily removed by my husband, I struggled but I always struggle with things like this, easily give up and stick it under his nose to get him to do.

I expected the cap to have a pourer of some sort to prevent too much oil from coming at once but it doesn’t, that said I thought that the oil would be thinner that it is, so even though I was a bit surprised at first and expecting it to run out everywhere it was fine.

I quite like the shape and size of the massage oil bottle, there is quite a lot of oil in this bottle so it will last a good while before it runs out.

Taste and Smell
As you would expect this massage oil both tastes and smells of strawberry.

The smell and taste are neither overpowering or chemically like some oils or flavored lubes that I have tried in the past. It smells a little like strawberry jelly or haribo sweets.

Strangely (or maybe not) it also tastes a little like strawberry jelly, so if you love strawberry jelly this is the massage oil for you.

We used it during oral sex, as I personally believe all flavored oils should be used, and I found that the taste was long-lasting enough for me and my partner.

Afterwards I did feel a bit sticky and had to wash the oil off my hands, so I would highly recommend having some wipes handy. I didn’t however have that feeling that you sometimes get after using an oil that I had bathed in it.
I feel like I should point out that although you can use massage oil as a lube it is not ideal as it might not be safe to use with condoms or sex toys, there is nothing on the bottle of this oil to state that it would cause any problems but I feel that especially if you are using condoms you should use a condom safe water-based lubricant and not a massage oil.

Look and Feel
The Massage Oil is red and thick, it is obviously red due to it being strawberry flavored, it is quite a bright red and when you first pour it into your hands you expect that it will turn your partner red to, but as you use it and it spreads out across you and your partner it does fade and dilute down a bit.

The oil is nice and thick and feels very nice when it is being used, you need a little more than you might think as it is so thick, the advantage of this is that it won’t run away from you when you use it.

What’s in it?
The sensuous sweet touch massage oil is mainly glycerin and water, it clearly states on the front of the bottle that there are no artificial flavoring or preservatives, for those that care the ingredients are as follows

  • Glycerin
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Concentrated Strawberry and other fruit juice
  • Natural Flavoring
  • Acidifying Agent
  • Citric Acid
  • Coloring agent: 129

So what did we think?
We loved the taste, look and feel of this massage oil when we were using it, the flavouring is very nice and if you love strawberry you really will love this oil. We found it was long-lasting enough to be used during foreplay but not to long-lasting that you end up feeling like you have bathed in the stuff afterwards. It does leave a slight sticky residue on your hands but this is easily removed with a baby-wipe, and to be completely fair to the oil you would have this with any oil or lube that you use.

Would I recommend this massage oil to people wanting to try something fruity in the bedroom? Yes I would, and I can see us using it quite a bit in the future, in fact I think I might have pulled a muscle at the gym…. any volunteers to rub me down?