Lovehoney Enjoy Water based Lubricant

As with everything that lovehoney sends out be it to reviewers or to customers it was packaged nice and discretely, I was very surprised with how fast it arrived as it was just before Christmas.

The Enjoy lubricant is water based and is suitable for use with all sex toys and condoms; it is glycerin, aspartame and paraben free and even made in the UK.

The Enjoy lubricant comes in a 100ml bottle or in sachets of 5ml, the branding on the bottle is clear and very clean, as with a lot of own brand products available from all over the web or even in food stores it is basic and not over fussy, it tells you what you need to know and doesn’t jump out at you to much. In fact I find that the branding on the whole range is like this, it is something that wouldn’t look out of place on someone’s dressing table, but as the bottle is completely resalable and doesn’t leak you can always pop it in a drawer if you are a little worried about leaving a bottle of lubricant out on show.

The Enjoy lubricant is clear and quite thin and runny, it isn’t thick and goopy, I would normally prefer a thicker lubricant when using it with sex toys but for normal sex I found that the thickness of the lube was more than adequate, it seems to add to and enhance your natural lubrication rather than increase your lubrication to a level where you are just so slippery and sticky that you can’t feel anything.

Unlike other lubes which I have tried which have been much thicker I was pleased that I didn’t end up left feeling all gunky.

Overall I think that the Enjoy lube is good for sex, it’s not to thick and is nice and easy to clean up, it is in my opinion however to thin for anal or for use with toys, I find that a lot of silicone toys need quite a lot of lube and this lube just isn’t thick enough for that and will just run away. If you are looking for something that will enhance sex this is your lube, if you looking for something thicker I would try another lube from the range such as delight which is much thicker and also safe for use with toys and condoms.