Lovehoney Delight Silk Water based Lubricant

As with everything that lovehoney sends out be it to reviewers or to customers it was packaged nice and discretely, I was very surprised with how fast it arrived as it was just before Christmas.

The Delight Silk lubricant comes in a squeezy 100ml tube which is hygienically sealed, this seal needs removing before your first use of the lubricant, the cap of the tube just flips open and closed a bit like a tube of toothpaste.

The Delight Silk lubricant is water based and suitable for use with all varieties of sex toys and condoms, something which is very important to me. It is much thicker than the enjoy lubricant from the same range and is white in color, it reminded me of sun scream of salon or something when I initially squeezed it out of its tube onto my fingers.

The Delight Lubricant really is delightful it is lovely and thick which makes it perfect for use with sex toys, for masturbations, anal or vaginal sex, the thickness of the lube helps it to stay where you put it and really does feel lovely and silky and soft to the touch, unlike some thinner lubricants where you might need to use quite a lot, a little of this lube really does go a long way.

Even though this is quite a thick lube I didn’t find it to heavy when I was using it, it didn’t leave me feeling like I was covered in goo like some lubes do, it was nice and easy to clean up with just soap and water, My husband also liked the feel of this lubricant during sex.

The Delight lubricant is glycerin, aspartame and paraben free and even made in the UK, making it perfect for everyone, even those with delicate skin.

Overall the Delight Silk Lubricant a lovely thick lubricant, the tube is a good design it makes the thicker lubricant much easier to squeeze out and use rather than a bottle which would be to firm. I like that it is white as you can see how much you are using.