Liquid Silk lubricant

Liquid silk comes in a variety of different containers, from small sachets to large pump actions bottles, this is a small 50ml bottle with a little flip cap, this bottle is small enough to be able to pop it into you handbag for a trip away, its under the 100ml limit for customs as well, although personally I would advise that you pop anything like this in the luggage compartment.

Liquid silk isn’t clear like most water-based lubricants it is white in color, I personally like this as when you are using it in dim light it is easy to see how much you have put on, unlike the clear lubes where it is really easy to use much much more than you need and end up in a very slippy situation.

Liquid silk is not a really thick lube, it is nice and light, but even though it isn’t really thick it is pretty long lasting, it is also water based which means that you can use it with condoms and sex toys, as well as for sex and masturbation, it is basically a good all rounder.

It doesn’t leave a residue and is easy to clean off when you have finished, as with all water-based lube you can just add a little bit of water to reactivate it once it has dried out so washing it off takes a bit of soap and water.

I wouldn’t advise that you use this for oral though, the taste is a bit like soap, so although it is great for sex for sex which then might lead to oral I would advise that you use a flavored lube, rather than one like this one.
This lube is not sticky or tacky, it is silky smooth and even when it has dried off it doesn’t leave any residue or marks, even though it is white in color, it dries clear.

Overall, I really liked this lubricant, it is long lasting, silky smooth and easy to clean off when your finished, it is also water-based so it is safe to use with sex toys and condoms. The only downside for me is the taste, so don’t drink it.