Give Lube: Silicone +

I am so glad that I did this is smooth and slick, we have used this lube a lot since we were sent it to review and have found it to be perfect, it is lovely and thick and has been used for Vaginal, Anal and even fisting without it drying up, it stays put and lasts for a long time.

The lube comes in a cute tube, the mini been nice and small and discrete, perfect for travel, it could easily be popped in your toiletry bag when going away, its cap is nice and secure so no chance of it popping open in your bag and leaking everywhere.

The larger bottle is a more traditional 100ml size, the bottle is firm not flexible, meaning that the lube drips out of the bottle rather than pouring out, I like this as it means that you are not accidentally going to pour loads on and end up in a very slippy situation.

The lube is clear in color, Glycerin free, tasteless and odorless (yes I did taste it to check), it is thick and as I have already said very slick, I was very impressed with this lube, unlike water-based lubes you can even use this in the bath/shower without it washing away.

I have tried silicone lubes before and always been left with a sort of residue afterwards, but I didn’t seem to get that with this, it was even nice and easy to wash off with just soap and water.

As this is a silicone lubricant I should note that it is not suitable for use with silicone sex toys, silicone reacts with itself, and mixing silicone lube with silicone toys can cause them to melt and/or become misshapen.

Overall, I am impressed with this lube, it is suitable for oral, anal and masturbation, it is thick slick and long lasting, and importantly it is also easy to clean up afterwards.