Discover the New Anal Lubricant

This is the discover anal lubricant which was sent to me as part of the new range of lubricants from Lovehoney, it comes packaged in a 100ml bottle with a push lid, the labeling is in line with the rest of the range, nice and simple and not too fussy, easy to recognize that it is a lovehoney product.

The lovehoney discover lubricant is water based, you will find that a lot of anal lubricants are silicone based as silicone lube tends to be longer lasting than water based lube, the only downfall there been that silicone lube cannot be used with silicone toys and as more and more toy manufacturers are moving towards using much safer silicone with their toys rather than Jelly type materials, the fact that this lube is water based can only be seen as a positive thing. It is also safe to use with condoms which is always a positive with all lubricant.

The lube is clear and a similar consistency to the enjoy lubricant, as this is an anal lubricant I was expecting it to be much thicker than the enjoy lube. The lubricant is still very slippy as you would expect from any anal lubricant, as it’s not that thick it’s not as long lasting as you might like and I wouldn’t want to use it on any toys for long term wear but for anal sex and sessions with my partner where we are just playing I could see us using it a lot, the fact that it isn’t to long lasting can actually be a positive as it means that it is nice and easy to clean off after use.

The anal lube doesn’t leave any residue, this is mainly due to it been water based rather than silicone based, I find that silicone lube can leave a silky feeling on the skin even after washing off, this lube doesn’t have this problem and is easily washed off with just soap and water.

Importantly the discover lube is glycerine-free, paraben-free, aspartame-free and made in the UK as is the whole range.

Overall we both really liked the discover anal lubricant for playing together, we found that it did exactly what is said that it would and that the bottle is nice and easy to open and close even with one hand.